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303      SEE E-3

304      SEE E-4

305      SEE E-5

312      SEE E-12

314      SEE E-14

365      SEE E-65

369      SEE E-69

370      SEE E-70

371      SEE E-71

372      SEE E-372

373      SEE E-373

401      SEE H-401

414      SEE E-14

419      SEE L-19

478      SEE H-78

479      SEE H-79

486      SEE H-86

487      SEE H-87

488      SEE H-88

601      SEE H-601

602      SEE H-602

603      SEE H-603

604      SEE H-604

605      SEE H-605

606      SEE H-606

629      SEE H-29

662      Beehive Tea Pot

668      SEE H-68

669      SEE H-69

673      SEE H-73

826      SEE K-26

860      SEE J-60

869      SEE J-69

872      SEE J-872

A-9      Penguin Figurine

B-14    Goose Figurine

B-15    Goose Figurine

B-17    Small Bowl

E-1      Tab Handled Vase

E-3      Flower Vase

E-4      Flat Scroll Vase

E-5      Flat Horn Vase

E-5      Tab Handle V Notched Vase

E-6      Pinched Center Vase

E-12    Small Fluted Bowl

E-14    Fluted Candleholders

E-44    Small Swan Planter

E-48    Deco Two Handled Vase

E-49    Bulbous Vase with Flared Rim

E-60    Small Ewer

E-64    Twist Vase

E-65    Z Handled Ewer

E-66    Twist Vase with Leaf Decoration

E-67    Deco Ball and Leaf Vase

E-69    Square Banded Vase

E-70    Diagonally Applied Leaf Vase

E-71    Square Lobed Vase

E-73    SEE E-373

E-303  Madonna Planter

E-305  SEE E-5

E-365  SEE E-65

E-368  Applied Leaf Vase

E-369  SEE E-69

E-370  SEE E-70

E-371  SEE E-71

E-372  Pinched Leaf Vase

E-373  Ribbon Handled Vase

E-375  Leaf Dish

H-5      Twisted Double Handled Vase

H-7      Flared Rim Double Handled Vase

H-10    Flared Double Handled Vase

H-10    Classic Vase

H-11    Tall Crocus Vase

H-14    Upright Cornucopia

H-15    Double Scroll Handled Vase

H-29    Large Fluted Console Bowl

H-33    Double Handle Trophy Vase

H-34    Crimped Handle Ewer

H-36    Basketweave Vase

H-39    Small Basket

H-47    Swan Vase

H-49    Double Handled Vase

H-52    Deco Ringed Two Handled Vase

H-55    Berries and Leaves Vase

H-56    Offset Double Handled Vase

H-62    Swirled Round Double Handle Vase

H-63    Wishing Well

H-65    Boot and Kitty Vase

H-67    Triple Leaf Vase

H-68    Tulip Vase

H-69    Two Leaf Vase

H-73    Art Deco Ewer

H-74    Pillow Vase

H-75    Triple Handle Vase

H-76    Crane Pillow Vase

H-77    Double Handle Leaf and Vine Vase

H-78    Flat Multi Leaf Vase

H-79    Open Flower Vase

H-80    Urn and Leaf Planter

H-81    Three Loop Double Handled Vase

H-82    Fleur de Lis Vase

H-83    Tab Handle Flower Pot

H-84    Shell Cornucopia

H-85    Tri Dolphin Vase

H-86    Leaves and Berries Vase

H-87    Peapod Vase

H-88    Butterfly with Flowers Vase

H-401  Shell and Coral Vase

H-478  SEE H-78

H-479  SEE H-79

H-479  SEE H-79

H-486  SEE H-86

H-487  SEE H-87

H-488  SEE H-88

H-601  Knobby Vase

H-602  Oak Leaf Two Handle Vase

H-603  Open Center Leaves and Flower Vase

H-604  Double Open Handle Vase

H-605  Drape and Rope Vase

H-606  Classic Pitcher

H-607  Square Bulbous Twisted Vase

H-608  Pigtail Handled Vase

J-25     Swirled Classic Ewer

J-31     Large Swan Planter

J-35     Two Handled Urn Vase

J-54     Lizard Handle Ewer

J-55     Crescent Console Bowl

J-56     Crescent Candleholders

J-57     Lyre Vase

J-59     Large Leaf Vase

J-60     Sea Shell Fan Vase

J-61     Large Cornucopia Vase

J-64     Cone Flower and Leaves  Vase

J-65     Leaf Handled Vase

J-66     Low Shell Cornucopia

J-69     Scroll Handled Ewer

J-70     Double Leaf Vase

J-71     Floral Decorated Console Bowl

J-772   SEE J-872

J-773   Large Double Handled Trophy Vase

J-872   Ribbon Handled Vase

K-14    Double Cornucopia Console Bowl

K-15    Peacock or Waves Vase

K-25    Swallows Vase

K-26    Art Deco Cactus Vase

L-14    Large Swan Planter

L-19    Large Basket

M-4     Tall Double Handle Vase

M-8     Large Vine and Flower Vase

M-9     Large Classic Ewer

P-24    Round Cookie Jar

P-31    Classic Tea Pot

P-33    Sugar Bowl & Lid

P-33    Creamer

P-424  Ridged Tea Pot

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